Welcome to the inaugural PNG Community Affairs and National Content Conference & EXPO 2023 (CANCONEX)

About CANCONEX 2023

CANCONEX will be the first large conference and exhibition in PNG’s history, focused on promoting awareness and engagement on community affairs and national content, to celebrate success stories, and to foster collaborative action to ensure sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders in PNG’s mineral resources and energy sector.


The Chamber feels that community affairs and local content is so important that it deserves its own dedicated conference and expo.  Appropriately, we believe that CANCONEX will have the largest attendance of any domestic business conference this year.  The theme for this year’s event will be ‘Promoting National Participation for Sustainable Communities’.


This year, CANCONEX will be held on the 28th - 30th of August at PNGUOT. CANCONEX is expecting attendance by over 700 attendees from government, policy makers, business houses, landowner companies as well as large representation from landowner groups from project areas.